Boast vs. Complain

“Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”
‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭12:9-10‬ ‭NLT‬‬


It is SO EASY to complain.  All of us have something we can do that with. Our bodies, circumstances, bank accounts, cars, jobs.. whatever.. real easy to complain.  However... when was the last time you chose to:





talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one's achievements, possessions, or abilities.

Now obviously I'm not recommending an overly boastful person.. my suggestion is boast vs complain.

God has gifted each one of us with certain gifts.  Meaning.. there are some things you are just great at.. some things that don't take any effort for you at all that would/could take someone else a long time to be able to do if at all.

For example, I can sing and play the guitar.. now I'd never boast that I am the best thing since sliced bread because I am far from it... however, there was a time I wouldn't sing in public at all. I was scared, worried about what others would think etc....

One day I decided to go for it... to sing with my shower voice in public.. THAT DAY CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!!!! I wasn't the best thing in the world, but it was an incredible experience for me and for those that were there.

It opened up a door for me to:

1. Boast about God through singing.

2. Begin a journey of ministry I never would have been able to with out saying yes.

3. Admit to folks that I could do it!  I possessed an ability to do something that could bring light into someone's darkness. Yes, I could boast about that.... not arrogantly, but humbly and gratefully.


What is it that you have that can make a difference in someones life today??? Are you ready to "sing in your shower voice" today???  I want to encourage you to try.

Look at ways to be boastful about God.. about the things He has done and is doing in your life vs complaining about things.

I could complain about my health situation all day long... however, I'm so thankful that through the process of cancer, I have had the opportunity to reach so many people I NEVER would have met or even related to before!  I'm so thankful that through it all God has helped me to see the bigger picture. He didn't give this to me, but He did give me the abilities I have and to use them for His glory!!  You can do the same thing today... don't you EVER forget......