REST and How it Can Bring Life

Over the past week (the last week of July 2019 for those reading this in the future 😉 ) I created a series on the value of #Rest.

I created this as well as content I write and produce daily on #LinkedIn and I hope you will find it useful and valuable to your life.


Whether your a #jobseeker and #entrepreneur a #speaker #CEO or an #AverageJoe This series has provided the content that every kind of person is engaging with and needs.

Whether you think you have #rest dialed in or not, I hope you will find the series helpful and as always, if I can #help you in any way or you're interested in #TheFlip a revolutionary group coaching program to Flip the Script on your life and legacy #DM me here. Here are the links from this week in review all in one place..Just for you!!

☀️ Sunday Sunrise:

1️⃣ Moment with Matt:


Wednesday: #PRECEPTS 

🚀Free Article: 👉

⚖️ Precepts: Rest-

🥭Thursday: #MRREST


Hop on over to the links above, listen, read, comment and share and as always, if there is any way I can serve you, please feel free to reach out!

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